Shelf Browsing Leads To Memory Lane


In the Dewey Decimal system, nonfiction books are divided into 10 broad classifications. Class 000 is Computer Science, Information, and General Works. At the time of this writing the first book on the shelf in this category is called Eureka!: 81 Key Ideas Explained. This is where I started. In general, I started with this book and browsed the shelf until I had approximately 5 books chosen to check out. Some of the titles I found myself confronted with were:

1001 Ways To Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant, or Trainer,

Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader, and

UFO’s, JFK, and Elvis Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe. 

While all of these titles made me smile, it was the latter one that provoked a memory.

I just happened to have been born in Roswell, New Mexico. UFO enthusiasts will recognize the name Roswell as the site of the alien crash. My Dad was career Air Force and stationed at Roswell. You can imagine all the jokes I’ve heard my entire life about this fact. I never took the joking too seriously until years later when I attempted to apply for a passport and was basically told I didn’t exist! When I was born hospitals kept records on file such as birth and death certificates. It had been explained to me that the hospital where I was born had burned down and the fire had destroyed all records on file. I had a copy of my birth certificate which I had always used for everything. When I tried to apply for the passport it was well before 9-11. However, I was told even then that my birth certificate had to have the official seal on it and not just show the seal as a copy. This was problematic. After a series of phone calls, I was told to contact the state of New Mexico. Upon explaining my situation to the state of New Mexico, they decided to just make me a new birth cetificate with a seal. They asked me to send them a copy of the birth certificate I had always used. Within a few weeks, I received my new birth certificate in the mail. Without explanation, my new birth certificate did not match the information on my old birth certificate. Was this an attempted government cover up? Was there any truth to the Roswell incident? All I know is that it is a very strange feeling to have a Dad in the Air Force, be born in Roswell, and not be able to prove you are alive! I think I can hear the jokes starting again. I was already having fun just thinking about this memory. Imagine what could happen if I actually started opening the books and reading them!

12 thoughts on “Shelf Browsing Leads To Memory Lane

  1. wait what the frogs dad was in the air force. I thought this was a children’s blog about adventures of your library not someone’s weird messed up childhood. so is the frog stories going to continue my granddaughter liked it but if it’s more of this I don’t want her reading about the government like this and being afraid

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    1. I really like the blog. I am enjoying it. I thought the memory lane was a nice approach. As I am a freelance writer.

      I am sure each of us have different responses as you write. I am reading them to.our son. He won’t be afraid, having been in the hospital due to a bus accident, that could have taken all our lives.

      Our family supports the library. I like the frog idea, as a means to reach families. Good job feisty froggy. We can’t wait for the next post.

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  2. Hello Anonymous. Thank you for your comment. This is a family friendly blog. I am literally reading my way through the library and just commenting on whatever section I happen to be in. It will not be scary. This was a one time memory and a true story from my life. There may be mentions of the frog stuff from time to time, but the main emphasis of the blog is to comment on my experiences as I read through the library.

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    1. Got your first boosayer! congrats! LOL, sorry your blog is fine even for my boys. There was no negative connotations about the government, just a weird happenstance. That is a cool story though, many will enjoy.

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  3. Thank you for your comment, Dawnacc. Thanks also for your support! I’m glad you enjoyed this entry. Each post will be a bit different as the books I’ll be reading will be different. I’m sure that everyone will like some posts better than others in the same way we all have different reading preferences. It’s a good thing that there are such diverse books in a library!


    1. Are you an alien? Stanley wants to know where your eyes are in the back of your head?

      I enjoy this very much. As you know we don’t have public libraries here where we live.

      I remember your dad telling me, about area 51. He told me, if I tell you , what you want to hear, I would have to kill me. I was afraid to ask him anymore questions.

      This is a great idea. This gives a fun way to keep up with books in the library. I love books.

      They actually love me back except for the song books.

      As you work in the library, do you work for a secret society known as the Men in Black. Enquiring minds want to know?

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      1. Much of the information you have requested is classified. 😉

        The US government has released SOME information about Area 51 recently under the Freedom of Information Act. Much of that information pertains to (then) experimental aircraft. In some of the documents it was revealed that there was radiation abosorbing material (RAM) used on the aircraft, but the documents failed to reveal what materials are used in the production of RAM.


  4. Dear Feisty Frog,

    Love your idea and your approach. I, for one, am unafraid of visiting the dark side of the moon. I carry my own light.

    Anyone who is unafraid of the monsters is welcome to visit my site, where I do Spotlight Therapy on the shadows.

    Anyway, deweyhop/feisty, Is “feisty frog” only one of the characters at the deweyhop library? Since is the direct address of your site, making it the library with feisty frog one of the characters will make it easier to find on the web. The “Dewey Hop” Cyber Library. Maybe we can start a trend of readers’ picks.

    I’d love to hear more of your memories. Didn’t the government do a lot of nuclear bomb testing in New Mexico, Los Alamos, for instance? Where, again, is “History” in the library?

    I just shared this post with my world, such as it is. Hope to throw more business your way.


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  5. Katherineotto, Thank you for all of your support! There are plenty of characters here a the library alright! Other characters may make the occasional appearance in a blog entry. However, the main emphasis of this blog is to follow my “read through” project. In following my project, I hope to highlight and emphasize various aspects of the Fulton County Public Library along the way.

    The blog is actually linked to our library home page at . The latest entry on this site contained an error that will soon be corrected. It said that I will be posting every week, but should have said “every other week.” This is due to the fact that I actually have to spend some time reading the books!

    Honestly, I’m not sure what all happened at Roswell since I had just been born…er…hatched. 🙂

    History & Geography are in class 900 of the Dewey Decimal system to it will be quite some time before I get there. Like most things though history books may overlap with other sections such as Political Science, for instance, which is located in the 320’s. It’s often left up to cataloger judgement as to which section a book gets placed in when there could be different spots where it would fit.

    Thank your for linking to my blog!


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