Random Vrs Intentional Acts of Kindness


There are many books about random acts of kindness (RAK). This description has always bothered me somewhat. While I understand the intention, the actual phrase “random acts of kindness”  makes me want to point out that there is nothing random about being kind. If one tries to perform a random act then it is no longer random. It is intentional.

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Endless Possibilities

The Exchange of Ideas

As I moved along in my library read through project, the next Dewey class I encountered was 100-200 Philosopy and Psychology. The exchange of ideas between human minds is a fascinating process that we may never completely understand. The more we learn, the more there is to learn. I found this section quite interesting since I have a B.S.  in Psychology and was required to study the philosophers in college. I suppose this means I know enough to be dangerous. Nonetheless I enjoyed reviewing some topics and encountering others for the first time. As you might imagine philosophy and psychology cover nearly limitless topics. Some of these topics include the reality of Heaven, dreams and their interpretations, human behavior, coping with loss, biomedical ethics, and animal rights.

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