Random Vrs Intentional Acts of Kindness


There are many books about random acts of kindness (RAK). This description has always bothered me somewhat. While I understand the intention, the actual phrase “random acts of kindness”  makes me want to point out that there is nothing random about being kind. If one tries to perform a random act then it is no longer random. It is intentional.

Semantics aside, it is a great thing to be kind. We should be kind not because we have to or because we will get some kind of warm fuzzy feeling. People should be treated with dignity and respect just because they are human beings. If all of us were intentionally kind to everyone, no matter who they are, this practice alone would improve our world. Sometimes those we least feel like being kind towards are the very ones who need to be shown kindness the most.

Almost everyone enjoys nice surprises and that is what the kindness movement is all about. The library has many wonderful books with suggestions of intentional acts of kindness. The internet contains a wealth of ideas as well. Be creative and make someone’s day today by an intentional surprise kindness.

8 thoughts on “Random Vrs Intentional Acts of Kindness

  1. I kind of agree, random acts and intentional are different. Both are great, but the random one seems so much more selfless. The person may or may not expect acknowledgement for acts that are intentional. I always get a good feeling when I see my kids doing something for others, it really hard at times to do this. Money and time is soo hard to have extra of. We tend to do what we can though. I like the pay it forward thought, and try to do that a great deal. Someday I want to purchase items for the gift tree, my kids have had many gifts from the kindness of others. Some day we will be able to afford that. Right now though we donate to all we can any items we no longer can use, and try to help out the fellow kids in my area with school rides, money and other things. Thanks Hop!

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    1. I liked your response to intentional or random acts of kindness. Whether intentional or random, whether known or unknown; acts of kindness, makes the world a nicer place to live.

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  2. In keeping in the spirit of the whole kindness movement, I would hope that neither the “random” or “intentional” kindness people would want to take credit as the whole thing is supposed to be anonymous, but I do understand your concern. I also like the “pay it forward” philosophy which fits in nicely with my faith (do unto others as you would have them do unto you).

    It’s wonderful that your kids are being taught to be selfless, giving individuals. Often there are many things that can be done that don’t involve money. Donating items you no longer use/need is an excellent way to bless another person, animal, or community. Even the gift of time is a precious thing to donate!


    1. Random acts of kindness is not in the act, but in the people we show kindness.

      I have always tried to be a good person, and if someone needed something, I would give it to.them, even if it put me in a bad way.

      One time I gave my entire pay check away. My sister has always been protective over me. Sometimes I feel over protective. But she has become my Power of Attorney.

      She does understand me wanting to show acts of kindness but it can be taken to a fault so to speak.

      You see Jesus taught on this. That if we do good to them, that can repay us, where is the reward in doing that?

      Random is selecting random people to show kindness to. And it does not always cost money.

      As a pastor I developed a ministry. This ministry was designed to help single parent families.

      This was simple things such as cleaning the lawn. Picking up sticks, raking leaves, mowing, tutoring, running errands etc.

      I used single parents because, it is hard to be a single parent. Trying to help your children, taking care of the lawn and even housework while working or looking for work.

      I never realized this, but the ministry has become random acts of kindness because I never charged for those services.

      Today I am volunteering as a campus ministry pastor, and having been doing this for about seven and a half years. It has made me feel very successful in my life and ministry. It has not come without many sacrifices.

      Missing the funeral of a beloved niece, and the funeral of a beloved foster father.

      But the joy if doing this reaches out farther than the sacrifices our family has made.

      Whether the acts of kindness are random or they are intentional, acts of kindness makes the world a better place to be in!


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      1. What a great ministry! You are a very special person to have looked past the obvious needs to those that struggle every day to accomplish even a part of what needs to be done. You have my love and respect.😍

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  3. Unfortunately, we often treat our loved ones with less kindness than we would treat a stranger. My mother would surprise us with “I Love You! ” gifts. It didn’t matter what they were, just the thought behind them was enough. I enjoy doing little acts of kindness for my husband. While I do sometimes do them for others, this reminds me to be on the lookout for more things I can do. Thanks for your selflessness in writing this.

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