Reference & Information

Reference 001

Moving to the left of the Grant Station, I encountered this bookshelf loaded with information and resources. The sign to the left of the bookshelf points me to the Reference and Information window (more on that later). For now, this bookshelf deserves a serious look because it offers a great deal of information.

On the top shelf alone, I found brochures, bookmarks, flyers, business cards, and folders loaded with helpful resources.

Top Shelf

Since this shelf is bound to be constantly changing, I thought I would share the types of information I found at this point in time:

Information on how financial aid applicants can avoid fraud and identity theft

Information on how to go to school or work in Indiana (

How to use Inspire, Indiana’s virtual library (

How to download eBooks & Audiobooks for your computer, mobile device, iPod or eBook reader from eIndiana Digital Consortium

Information on A to Z databases which is described as “Ultimate Databases for Jobs, Businesses, Mailing Lists, Background & Criminal Search.”

Information on How to do a job search, email job listings, and write a resume

Contact information for the Department of Education for information on local education contracts, ideas for improving schools, education research and statistics, policies and practices, or locating education experts.

A listing of digital resources offered by the Fulton County Public Library free of charge which include: 3M Cloud Library,, ARRC, AtoZ Databases, Britannica, Cypress Resume, Freegal, Inspire, HeritageQuest, Hoopla, Mango, Overdrive, Small Engine Repair Reference, Tumble Books, and Zinio. Those who have an Evergreen Indiana library card, an Evergreen PIN and a working email address will be able to access these services at

Information about HIP, the new Healthy Indiana Plan

College information about Ivy Tech Community College, Indiana University Kokomo, and Trine University

Moving to the second shelf I found more information about colleges, job searching, and flyers highlighting our Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC) database. The ARRC boasts information about more than 35,000 vehicles from 1945 to present, 857,000 drawings and step by step photographs, and over 158,600 wiring diagrams.

Ref Bookshelf 001

The third shelf sports free coloring books about fire safety for some of our tiniest patrons, a consumer information catalog, and a map of Fulton County and Rochester, Indiana.

Ref Bookshelf 002

On the fourth shelf, the contents switch from general information to barcoded  sheet music that patrons can check out.  To the right of the actual sheet music is a sheet music index to make finding a specific arrangement easier.

Ref Bookshelf 003

The fifth and final shelf packs in a lot of important information. The brochures on this shelf all pertain to services for the handicapped. There is an application for free individual library services to meet the needs of the blind, visually handicapped, physically handicapped, reading disabled and deaf. Approved applicants will be eligible to receive library materials with special accomodations such as playback machines and accessories.

Ref Bookshelf 004

The remainder of this shelf contains various bits of legal information such as food inspection reports, the city of Rochester Wellhead Protection Program information, and many documents from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). The older IDEM documents reside on this shelf. The newest ones are publicly posted elsewhere. There are also copies of various permit applications and notices of decisions made by IDEM.


8 thoughts on “Reference & Information

    1. Hi Tierneycreates, The Social Sciences post was posted accidentally (holds head down in shame). It will be upcoming, but I had meant to schedule it, not post it just yet. I’m trying to keep my library read through project in order. I apologize for the tease! You must be quick since that post couldn’t have been up more than 3 or 4 minutes!

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  1. Oops! Well I guess I sent out a teaser to several people then! LOL

    Actually, I’ve been trying to get several posts lined up so I can post more frequently. I’ve been asked several times to post weekly instead of biweekly. I’m reading as fast as I can! LOL

    Stand by…you will see that post again! 😀


  2. I really like your posts. Although since Typhoon Nona, no internet yet in our home. We will have to purchase a satellite system, just to stay connected with the outside world. I cannot respond as quickly as before. But keep these posts coming. Also I do not know if I missed but was wondering about the children’s section. I am interested because by the time we get there, Stanley will be six or seven. Which if he is here at the age of 7 we have to have a special birthday party for him. This is a Filipino tradition. You cater food, bring in a clown, who does tricks and have gifts for him, but also you provide surprises for the children attending. It is not cheap but we are saving up for this. He has never been to a public library. We do not have access to any here in the Philippines. Our son speaks fluently tagalog, Filipino (wray-wray) languages as well as English. He seems to pick up foreign languages very easy. We would definitely want to use the library. My talent is in writing but would want resources that would help me to become even a better writer. So Stanley and I would be able to spend time together yet in our little different worlds. Eden does seem to like to read but she would need to experiment where her interest would be in the library world. Thank for your different posts, and the Rochester Library Staff is loved among all our family members, Eden C. Aticaldo-Kelly, Stanley David A. Kelly and Rev. James Allen Kelly.

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    1. There is a fabulous children’s section here at Fulton County Public Libary. I just haven’t reached it yet in my library read through! It may be awhile before I do, though, since I have started on the other side of the building! Stay tuned because I will get there!


  3. Thank you for your reply, I look forward to hearing more about the children’s section. Stanley seems to be looking forward to the time, we all can come to the United States.


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