Vertical Travel Section, Maps, & Reference Books

Vertical Travel Section 001

The Vertical Travel Section is located to the right of the Reference & Information window. These file cabinets have brochures and some travel magazines organized alphabetically by state (Alabama-Wyoming) or by country (Africa-South Seas).  Each drawer is labeled according to the destination information it contains.

Vertical Travel Section 002

Patrons simply open the drawer they are interested and take out the content that they want to read.  Everything in these file cabinets falls under the Honor collection. The materials in these drawers are not barcoded and do not have to be checked out with a library card. Just like the Honor books, patrons are requested to let the Adult Circulation desk know how many items they are taking. The library will record this material as “In House Circulation.” Patrons are on the honor system to return these materials.

When I looked through this section, I was thrilled to find pictures and information about my husband’s small home town in North Dakota. I was impressed that there would be this much detail in these files.

Near the vertical Travel Section is the Map Shelf.

Reference Department 025

Some of the items on this unit are marked “Honor” and do not have to be checked out on a library card. The patron is requested to let Adult Circulation know how many of these items are being taken. Like the Honor books, patrons are on the honor system to return these materials. The items here that are not marked “Honor” are catalogued as Reference and must be used in the building. After use, either leave them on top of the shelf or on a nearby table. The staff will reshelve them. By leaving items out for the staff to reshelve, the library can better assess what materials are being used in the library and how often they are used.  This shelf contains hardback and paperback books of maps. The individual shelves pull out for easier access.

We have seen this bookshelf before, but from the other side.

Reference Department 004

This bookshelf is located directly behind Grant Station and across from the map shelf. This shelf displays the most current legal notices and publications and also offers local and county maps that patrons may take and keep.

Moving to the right brings us back to the Vertical Travel Section.

Vertical Travel Section 001

On the right side of this picture, the wall turns and brings us to a wall of reference books.

Vertical Travel Section 003

As you can probably tell from the picture, the Reference section for hard copy books is shrinking. This is due to the popularity and ease of computers and databases. Most databases are constantly updated with current information and users can usually locate information easier with the assistance of search engines. Many of the books on these shelves have some sort of historical significance and also include things like encyclopedias and dictionaries. These books are all cataloged as Reference and must be used in the building. Just like the maps, they should be left on the tables after use for the staff to reshelve.

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