Indiana Room

Indiana Room panorama

The next section of the library after the reference books is the Indiana Room. The view above is a panaromic view of the Indiana Room. Part of the Reference Department, the Indiana Room offers many amenities.

This is the entrance to the Indiana Room.

Indiana Room 001

Entering the Indiana Room and turning to the left brings us to the microfilm machine area.

Reference Department 010

Using these machines and accessories, patrons can access archived older newspapers and print them. Archived newspapers can be used for various research projects and are also popular for genealogy projects.

Continuing to move around the wall to the right showcases a bookshelf containing school yearbooks dating back several years.

Reference Department 011

Continuing to move to the right we see bookshelves and another enclosed bookcase.

Reference Department 012 Reference Department 014

These shelves and bookcases contain Indiana historical books and biographies and various genealogy resources.

In the center of the room is a large round table that can be used for research projects or smaller group meetings. The room has a projector screen and a portable projector can be reserved to be used in this room.

Reference Department 008

The library board frequently holds public meetings in this area.

The case seen in the picture to the right of the table is a changing display case. All displays in this room have something to do with the state of Indiana.

Continuing to move around the wall to the right of the second enclosed bookcase, we come to a small section of wall with this vertical file tucked between two windows.

Reference Department 015

On top of this vertical file are hanging files for genealogy research. Inside of the vertical file are documents pertaining to Fulton County only and then documents pertaining to the state of Indiana.

Moving to the right of this vertical file brings us back to the door and out into the Media Commons.


4 thoughts on “Indiana Room

    1. Dear Feisty Froggy,

      Having lived in the Philippines going on eight years, the one thing I have missed about Rochester, Indiana is the Rochester Library. So this room and especially your posts make me feel like our family is still connected to Rochester, Indiana.

      We have a God that works for the impossibility and I am hoping by the end of the year our family will be home, and that my Filipino wife will get to taste the hospitality of Rochester, and something new for her and Stanley is the library. We do not have a public library although the university does have a library for its students.

      Thank you for these continued posts and may God bless all of you at the Rochester Public Library.

      Liked by 1 person

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