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religion pie chart

I’ve now come full circle back to the religion section. I temporarily skipped part of the religion section to explore other library resources in front of it. Picking up where I left off, I resumed reading through the library in the 240’s and completed the rest of the religion section.  The following broad topics have been covered:  Christian Practices & Observance, Christian Order & Local Church, Social and Ecclesiastical Theology, History of Christianity, Christian Denominations, and Other Religions. As you can imagine, this was a lot of reading! There is no way I can cover in one blog post the many, many books I’ve read through.  Instead, I’ve chosen to share a few of the books that have really stood out to me in the remaining portion of the religion section and share a brief synopsis.

Religion Books 009

Going in shelving order of the books I’ve chosen, the first one up for comment is Heaven Has Blue Carpet by Sharon Niedzinski.

Religion Books 003

This is a delightful book about a woman and her family who left suburbia for the wide open spaces of country life. The story details how the Niedzinski family bought a run down centennial farmhouse and equally under cared for farmland.  This homestead was developed into a working sheep farm and a comfortable home. Throughout her description of this process Sharon describes being a shepherd and what it takes to look after a flock of sheep. True to her background in Christian ministries, Sharon draws some very interesting parallels to Jesus and his flock of followers.  This book has a conversational tone which is easy to read and is entertaining as well as challenging.

Next in this line up is Uncommon Marriage by Tony & Lauren Dungy with Nathan Whitaker.

Religion Books 004

To be honest, this wasn’t a book that I really thought I would enjoy. As most of you are aware, I’ve been reading my way through the entire Fulton County Public Library. No one could possibly read every single book in a library, so my strategy has been to read many representative books from each section. I usually will shelf browse-in order of the Dewey Decimal system-until I’ve selected 5 books at a time. I picked this book up for it’s title, Uncommon Marriage. At the time I had no idea who these people on the cover were. I had absolutely no idea that Tony Dungy was a professional football coach, the first African American head coach to win the Superbowl, or a sports reporter. If I had, I probably would have skipped this book altogether.  I know nothing about football! However, because of my commitment to read through the library and broaden my reading horizons, I read the book anyway. I am glad that I did. The Dungys are a wonderful example of what it takes to truly be committed to a marriage in the good times and the bad. The Dungys are a Christian couple committed both to each other and to helping others grow spiritually. They are an excellent team and share their ways of supporting each other in achieving goals and dreams. They talk about the importance of staying connected to each other and how they’ve managed to do that despite grueling schedules. They truly can help others to have an uncommon marriage.

Moving on we come to Weird Because normal isn’t working [sic] by Craig Groeschel.

Religion Books 005

This is a fairly easy read book. It talks about how normal people are stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted. Relationships are stressed or nonexistant. Normal people are living pay check to pay check and just can’t seem to break out of a miserable cycle. Many people claim to believe in God, but are not living out Biblical teachings. This book is like a breath of confirmation that lets the reader know he or she is not alone in being caught in a style of living that just isn’t working. Written by a pastor, Christ-centered topics which cover diverse topics from money to scheduling to purity and many others which will help the normal person break out of the rut and live with God’s grace and truth.

Confession Brings Possession by Dr. Norvel Hayes is a tiny little quick read book.

Religion Books 006

There are powerful Scriptural truths contained in this little book. For this summary, I’ve chosen just to share what’s written on its back cover:

“All of the promises of God belong to the believing Christian. Whether we receive them or not is our choice. Learn how to affirm the Word of God in your hearts and release the power of God through your faith-filled words.”


Confession Brings Possession is a powerful book that will give the reader insight into how to release the power of God in their life.”

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic is a very inspirational book.

Religion Books 007

Born without arms and legs, Nick shares his emotional and physical struggles related to his disability. Nick has found his passion in inspiring others and credits his faith in God as the source of his strength. Nick encourages others to accept what they can’t change and focus instead in what one does have control over. The reader is challenged to live a life without limits.

The last book I’ve chosen to share is Grieving a Suicide A Loved One’s Search for Comfort, Answers & Hope by Albert Hsu.

Religion Books 008

The author wrestles with his emotions and theological questions after the suicide of his father. Hsu acknowledges that there are no easy answers, but found hope in God Who comforts and offers hope for the future. Anyone who has been affected by suicide should read this book.

There are obviously many other books in the religion section and I encourage you to check them out!



12 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. Interesting list, but they are all from the Christian perspective. I’m particularly interested in non-monotheistic religions. Also, I didn’t see in your pie chart the percentage of Jews. If not the most numerous, the Jews are among the most influential, spawning both Christians and Muslims, the major other monotheistic religions.

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    1. Good comments. If you look at a list of Dewey categories, it is highly biased towards Christianity. Most of the non monotheistic religions generally get grouped under “other religions.” These appear in the 290’s:

      290 Other religions

      290 Other religions
      291 No longer used—formerly Comparative religion
      292 Classical religion (Greek & Roman religion)
      293 Germanic religion
      294 Religions of Indic origin
      295 Zoroastrianism (Mazdaism, Parseeism)
      296 Judaism
      297 Islam, Bábism & Bahá’í Faith
      298 No longer used—formerly Mormonism
      299 Religions not provided for elsewhere

      Although not listed here, I believe that the pagan religions would also be included here.


      1. Just about all of the rest of the 200’s. I’ve listed specifics below:

        200 Religion
        200 Religion
        201 Religious mythology, general classes of religion, interreligious relations and attitudes, social theology
        202 Doctrines
        203 Public worship and other practices
        204 Religious experience, life, practice
        205 Religious ethics
        206 Leaders and organization
        207 Missions and religious education
        208 Sources
        209 Sects and reform movements
        210 Philosophy & theory of religion
        210 Philosophy & theory of religion
        211 Concepts of God
        212 Existence, ways of knowing God, attributes of God
        213 Creation
        214 Theodicy
        215 Science & religion
        216 No longer used—formerly Evil
        217 No longer used—formerly Prayer
        218 Humankind
        219 No longer used—formerly Analogies
        220 The Bible
        220 Bible
        221 Old Testament (Tanakh)
        222 Historical books of Old Testament
        223 Poetic books of Old Testament
        224 Prophetic books of Old Testament
        225 New Testament
        226 Gospels & Acts
        227 Epistles
        228 Revelation (Apocalypse)
        229 Apocrypha, pseudepigrapha, & intertestamental works
        230 Christianity
        230 Christianity
        231 God
        232 Jesus Christ & his family
        233 Humankind
        234 Salvation & grace
        235 Spiritual beings
        236 Eschatology
        237 No longer used—formerly Future state
        238 Creeds, confessions of faith, covenants, & catechisms
        239 Apologetics & polemics
        240 Christian practice & observance
        240 Christian moral and devotional theology
        241 Christian ethics
        242 Devotional literature
        243 Evangelistic writings for individuals and families
        244 No longer used—formerly Religious fiction
        245 No longer used—formerly Hymnology
        246 Use of art in Christianity
        247 Church furnishings & related articles
        248 Christian experience, practice, life
        249 Christian observances in family life
        250 Christian orders & local church
        250 Local Christian church and Christian religious orders
        251 Preaching (Homiletics)
        252 Texts of sermons
        253 Pastoral office and work (Pastoral theology)
        254 Parish administration
        255 Religious congregations & orders
        256 No longer used—formerly Religious societies
        257 No longer used—formerly Parochial schools, libraries, etc.
        258 No longer used—formerly Parochial medicine
        259 Pastoral care of families, of specific groups of people
        260 Social & ecclesiastical theology
        260 Christian social and ecclesiastical theology
        261 Social theology and interreligious relations and attitudes
        262 Ecclesiology
        263 Days, times, places of religious observance
        264 Public worship
        265 Sacraments, other rites & acts
        266 Missions
        267 Associations for religious work
        268 Religious education
        269 Spiritual renewal
        270 History of Christianity
        270 History, geographic treatment, biography of Christianity
        271 Religious congregations and orders in church history
        272 Persecutions in church history
        273 Doctrinal controversies and heresies in general church history
        274 Christianity in Europe
        275 Christianity in Asia
        276 Christianity in Africa
        277 Christianity in North America
        278 Christianity in South America
        279 History of Christianity in other areas
        280 Christian denominations
        280 Denominations and sects of Christian church
        281 Early church & Eastern churches
        282 Roman Catholic Church
        283 Anglican churches
        284 Protestant denominations of Continental origin & related body
        285 Presbyterian churches, Reformed churches centered in America, Congregational churches
        286 Baptist, Restoration Movement, Adventist churches
        287 Methodist churches; churches related to Methodism
        288 No longer used—formerly Unitarian
        289 Other denominations & sects


    1. Thank you. I suspect that “Heaven Has Blue Carpet” is a book you would probably enjoy. Wow, I’ve never seen one of Nick’s videos, but I think I may fix that one of these days!


  2. The book on suicide would be a good one for me. I was counseling an individual, an niece, and several years later, she committed suicide. I have had trouble with this ever since this time. This happened in June 2010.

    I know that she was dealing with many issues, and she was seeing a professional counselor as well. I am only qualified as a pastoral counselor. And she never notified that she was going to commit suicide, as she threatened this many times in the past. Every time the family took her serious.

    So I feel if we could get to come to the United States, there would be many resources at the Rochester Public Library that would be helpful. But right now I am even discouraged being able to come home. I live with our family in the Philippines. But somehow God will show me the way home!

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