One Year Today!


The Dewey Hop blog is one year old today! Please help celebrate this birthday by exploring the blog. I write the Dewey Hop blog for the Fulton County Public Library in Indiana. I am reading my way through the library and commenting on whatever books and services I’ve found along the way. I started in the nonfiction section 000 Computer Science, Information & General Works and have literally read and explored all the way to the 360’s so far! The 360’s section is exploring “Social Problems & Social Services.”This blog will literally have something for everyone as progress is made throughout the library. Dewey Hop posts appear twice a month (mostly to give me time to read!) and are filled with information about all sorts of topics as well as book reviews. I’d love to know what you think about the blog and individual topics!

15 thoughts on “One Year Today!

  1. Congrats on the anniversary. A lot of reading behind you, even more ahead. Looking forward to seeing what you discover. It’s always interesting, and usually something I don’t know at all. No better place to foster and satisfy curiosity than a library.

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