Abortion Fight 2

In 1973 Roe v. Wade became a landmark case when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal in the first trimester of a pregnancy. Ever since that decision there have been heated debates by the pro choice camp and the pro life camp. Most of us have deep convictions about abortion. Abortion has escalated all the way to partial birth abortions. Some mothers have tried to abort babies that survived. There are many websites and stories where survivors of attempted abortion tell their stories. Here are just a few:

http://www.teenbreaks.com/abortion/abortionsurvivors.cfm , http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/01/27/my-mother-tried-to-abort-me-survived.html theabortionsurvivors.com

Ironically, the mother of  “Jane Roe” in the Roe v. Wade case wanted to abort her. She went so far as to ask a midwife to perform the abortion, but the midwife refused stating that “Roe’s” mother was too far along in her pregnancy.  Also ironic is the fact that while “Jane Roe” was an adamant supporter of abortion and stated she wanted an abortion, she herself never had an abortion under the name of “Jane Roe.”

In the days prior to “legalized” abortion, there were still abortions. They were performed by doctors and midwives. Women also induced their own abortions with medicines and herbs. Unfortunately there were also some crazy people that would use horrendous methods to try to induce abortions which often caused harm or death to both mother and baby. The general guideline was that abortions were never to be done after the “quickening.” “Quickening is a Shaker term and it meant the baby was moving in the mother’s womb on its own and the mother could feel movement (usually at 16-25 weeks gestation). Movement signaled life. With the modern technology of ultra sound we now know that movement happens much sooner than when a mother feels the baby moving (6 to 8 weeks gestation)-often before a woman even realizes she’s pregnant.

I, personally, am pro life. I do not believe in abortion for any reason. I am not heartless and I understand there may be situations where rape was involved. While rape is not a woman’s fault, neither is conception a baby’s fault. I do not believe that a woman’s life is more valuable than a baby’s life. I do believe that life begins at conception and I am a supporter of adoption and other assistance programs to help with unplanned pregnancies. There are numerous options today to help women and babies that didn’t use to exist. Women can speak for themselves, but an unborn baby can’t speak (yet). Being unable to speak in the womb doesn’t make a life less valuable.

Reagon T shirt

While I am in the pro life camp, there are things happening in the name of “pro life” that definitely should not be happening. Blowing up abortion clinics and/or shooting abortionists are just as deadly as the abortions these extremists are trying to prevent. The hatred and callousness of some claiming to be pro life isn’t helpful to anyone. I believe there should be compassion and I would never condemn a person who had already had an abortion, even though I don’t agree with the decision to do so. Condemnation is the last thing these women need and they can’t take back their actions so condemnation serves no useful purpose.

Despite my own position, I’ve tried to be fair to this subject with the library materials available. Interestingly, I started with the book, I Am Roe: My Life, Roe v. Wade, and Freedom of Choice by Norma McCorvey  with Andy Meisler. I judged this book by its cover. I didn’t think I would like it. Parts of it have been very difficult for me to read.

I am Roe

Norma McCorvey is the “Roe” in Roe v. Wade. She tells her own story in her own words. I have to say that this book is a good story and has a conversational feel to it. The story and life of Norma McCorvey is quite interesting.

Norma came from a poor family and suffered abuse at the hands of her alcoholic mother. When home life became too much for her, Norma took things into her own hands and ran away from her family. Norma committed a robbery at a young age to get money to run away. Eventually she was caught and landed in the juvenile justice system.  Later Norma married at the age of 16 and had a child. Norma became an alcoholic herself and was tricked by her own mother into giving her child up for adoption. Norma’s second child was voluntarily given up for adoption and when Norma became pregnant a third time, she sought to have an abortion claiming that she had been raped.  At the time Norma lived in the state of Texas which supposedly had antiabortion laws with an exemption for cases of rape. There was, however,  no evidence of any kind that Norma had been raped. Due to the lack of evidence of rape, Texas denied Norma’s request for an abortion.  At this point, Norma attempted to have an illegal abortion but the state had shut down abortion clinics. It was during this time that Norma was referred to activist attorneys who were wanting to connect with women wishing to have abortions. They took Norma’s case which took three years to make it to the Supreme Court. Norma never attended a single trial and in the meantime the baby she was trying to abort was born and given up for adoption. The attorney’s in the case had Norma sign an affidavit as a pregnant woman seeking an abortion and then never even talked to Norma again until three years later when they called to congratulate her on winning the case. Norma stated that she felt used.

Norma became a somewhat unwilling poster child for the pro abortion movement. She didn’t fit in well with the so called women’s libbers and they didn’t care much for her either. However because her case, the now famous Roe v Wade, became so high profile the pro abortion movement was more or less stuck with Norma. Norma worked for years as a spokesperson for the pro abortion camp and she also was an abortion clinic worker. Over the decades following Norma did abort at least one baby.

Norma knew many of the abortion protesters in her area and actually became friends with some of them even though they didn’t agree on abortion issues. Norma knew all the arguments about abortion both for and against although she was still an avid abortion supporter. Then one day she was sitting in a clinic looking at pictures of the development of a fetus. Suddenly she began to make out features like eyes and tiny little limbs. She kept staring at the pictures and without prompting from anyone, Norma realized she wasn’t just looking at cell clusters, she was actually seeing an unborn baby! In that moment Norma’s life changed for ever.

Norma became a Christian and totally switched camps. Norma became one of the most famous anti abortion protesters in the world. She spent the rest of her life trying to undo Roe v Wade.  In her book Won by Love Norma McCorvery  (with Gary Thomas) explains her reasons for her dramatic about face.

Won by Love

Norma spoke out against the “immoral machinations” of the abortion industry. She tells how she witnessed the destruction of countless human lives through abortion and how she herself felt the misery of grief and despair of so many women who chose to end their pregnancies. Seeing death constantly in abortion clinics, Norma “broke.”

Norma quit work at the abortion clinic and was now the poster child for the anti abortion camp aka the pro life movement. Norma admitted publicly that she did not become pregnant with her third child by rape. She said she had made the story up to try to get around the Texas anti abortion laws. Norma publicly contrasted the hatred and backstabbing she had felt while working for the pro abortion people (who, she said, made her feel “like dirt”) with the positivity and love she felt when she switched sides.  She claimed she felt more acceptance and  love in the first two weeks of reversing her position than she did in all the decades of working with pro abortionists.

There are many, many details of the contrasts between Norma’s initial pro abortion life and her life after she became an advocate for pro life. I urge all of you to at least read both of these books so that you will get a good balance of both sides of the issue.

There were other books I checked out but do not have time to comment on in one post. I ask all of you to look honestly at both sides of the issue. A couple other books I checked out were:

 Pro Reclaiming Abortion Rights   The Hand of God

Do you believe that abortion is something that should–or even can–be legislated? Do you look at abortion more as an individual or a societal issue?



25 thoughts on “Abortion

  1. A very interesting and informative post. I tend to be an extremist about killing but an also an extremist when it comes to government interference. I don’t believe in war, capital punishment, physician-assisted suicide, or abortion. Since I knew I didn’t want children, I made sure never to get pregnant. However, I believe other women should have the right to make their own decisions, as long as they can find a willing doctor or mid-wife to accede to their wishes.

    I’m particularly offended by the government’s presumption of moral authority over taxpayers. I’m a lone voice along these lines, but I see no difference between killing the unborn and killing in war.

    I know several women who have had abortions, and they must live forever with the memory. That, to me, is punishment enough.

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    1. You think like I do – the government shouldn’t be involved in so many of our moral decisions. I guess that is why I am pro-choice – not because of the moral issue – it is a decision to be made by the woman/couple and the health care professional on an individual basis.

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    2. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Katahrine. I certainly agree that the government shouldn’t make presumptions of moral authority. I don’t think morality can or should be legislated. I certainly don’t think women should be punished for abortions, but I do understand the spirit of your comment. You are right that a woman choosing abortion will have to live with the consequences (which are well documented in the literature). Though I don’t agree with the decision to abort, it is between that woman and God.

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  2. I believe abortion is wrong, period. It is taking away an innocent life. That life is separate from the woman carrying it. There are so many couples out there wanting a baby they themselves cannot have.

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  3. There is no topic you won’t take on – ha! Great post where you shared your personal beliefs but made it balanced. I have always been completely torn on this issue. It is such a personal choice. The problem is whether you make abortions legal or not, there are still going to be abortions. Women have been finding ways to terminate unwanted pregnancies for eons. I am more pro-choice but I know of person who was raped, had the baby despite the horrible rape, gave the baby up for adoption but stayed in touch with the adopted parents. Now many years later her daughter is a beautiful, talented happy woman and she stays in touch with her as friends. The adopted parents kept the birth mother as part of their daughters life. So out of something so horrible came something beautiful. However I could not imagine saying to a women who was the victim or rape or incest that she had to have the child.

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    1. There are topics that I’ve written about that I would have rather avoided, but it’s my job to follow the books and write about whatever subject I happen to land in. It’s not always easy!

      That arrangement of giving the baby up for adoption but still allowing some contact is a really good solution. Do you ever wondered about all the babies that have been aborted and what they would have contributed? Some people think that the Social Security system is failing because there aren’t as many people to pay into it–all those lives aborted that would have made a difference. Who knows how many brilliant artists, musicians, doctors, etc we’ve lost.

      I think that a woman’s decision is ultimately between her and God. However, if a woman contemplating abortion asks me I’m going to tell her that ultimately it’s her decision but I don’t think abortion is the best decision. I have met many women who wanted to abort and for whatever reason didn’t. They all say that they couldn’t imagine life now without their child.

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  4. This is again a great post! I love that you can state the facts and keep it separate enough from your own opinions, that is not easy to do at all. If you were to ask me just bluntly on the street my answer would be pro-life all day. The only area I’m on the fence about is with those issues you spoke about, involving things like rape. Every time I think about it i never come to a great answer, and I think that is why it is such a prevalent issue. People are going to be very outspoken and emotional on both sides, and at the end of the day not everyone will be satisfied no matter the outcome. This is a tough one! It is just tough for me to think that an innocent girl raped by her father should have to carry a baby for 9 months, and maybe keep it, only to be reminded of that traumatic ordeal the rest of her life. But like you also said it isn’t the baby’s fault that he/she was created so why take it out on them. So tough! At the end of the day I’m more pro-life than anything haha I guess that is all I can say. Great post!

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  5. I know I’ve already commented, but I feel compelled to say a little bit more about my beliefs on abortion. I believe as my church does, that life begins at conception. One of God’s commandments to all His children is not to take another life. Even if we take religion out of it, science has proven that at the point of conception there is a human being, which is then developed in the womb. The heartbeat is detected at 18 days after conception. I was thinking about the government part of this, and my understanding is that one of the roles of our government is to protect life. I do believe, that just as it is against the law to murder, it should be against the law to abort, except in extreme cases (and I believe counseling and education should be mandatory before any abortion). To me, abortion is murder. I know incest and rape are horrible and not the victim’s fault. No woman should ever be put in that position and I actually know what it feels like so I can honestly say, that while it would’ve been extremely difficult to go through a pregnancy which resulted from rape, I would never consider abortion because of my personal beliefs and I believe that unborn babies deserve protection for their life just as we do. We were each an unborn life once, too.

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    1. That is how I feel about it as well. Ultimately the decision is between a woman and God, but I personally don’t believe it’s ever the right choice. I do think we need to have compassion for women who’ve already aborted. They can’t take the action back and most of them have a hard time dealing with the death of their child for the rest of their lives. This is well documented in all the literature.

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  6. Great post! I am pro-adoption.. This world is full of child abuse and neglect at the hands of parents who really didn’t plan to love a child.. Late term abortion was passed under a lie. The largest majority of woman who receive one have no ” threat of health” but docs were trained how to “word” the procedure so insurance would cover it.. This may sound cruel.. but Loretta Lynn was chastised for “The Pill” but if people would consider the consequences of their actions.. abortion clinics would not be thriving..
    just my opinion 🙂 Life begins at conception.. so heaven is where all children go.. they do have life!

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  7. I think that there are no good options with an unwanted pregnancy, especially with younger people. Adoption is wonderful, but can we really expect a teen who didn’t give a second thought about birth control to fully research and understand the life long consequences of it? Keeping the child can completely change their plans for the future. Even giving the child to a family member isn’t a great idea. Could you imagine seeing your kid constantly, but not being his mother anymore? I understand why abortion seems like the perfect solution because it just goes away. This is the biggest lie that people are told about abortion. It never goes away and is with that couple always. However, I did want to touch on the issues of rape, incest, and maternal illness. No, it’s not the baby’s or the victim’s fault. The rapist is the only one to blame. Many girls are able to have the baby and keep it or choose adoption. However, if she has ptsd and needs medical intervention then it would be delayed by a pregnancy. Also, the hormones involved would make her symptoms worse. In the case of incest, there is the added fear that the rapist will hurt the victim because she is carrying around undeniable proof of their crimes. The risk of maternal mortality is a little too close to home. I have a rare genetic disorder that causes severe joint damage and as a result I have been a wheelchair user for several years. My kids have a 50/50 chance of inheriting it. Our son has it and is severely autistic as well. His birth literally ripped me apart, but he was worth it and then some. I would be at a very high risk of uterine rupture that would most likely kill me and a baby. I would need to either stop my blood thinners among other meds and risk bleeding to death or risk the pregnancy and my life by stopping life saving medicine. The thought of leaving my son motherless and my husband with a child who is both mentally and physically disabled and possibly a baby who has a 50% chance of being physically disabled and a 18% chance of having autism spectrum disorder scared the poo out of me. I had a hysterectomy to be certain that would never happen. If I was in any of these situations, I would almost certainly choose life, but I can’t hate someone who doesn’t. I am glad that it is legal so that it would be our decision instead of the government’s.

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    1. Thank you for your well thought out and considered response. I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I know that each situation is different and I believe that the bottom line is that it’s between God and the people involved.

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