Bully-Free Zone

(A personal addendum to all of the faithful Dewey Hop readers will follow this blog.)

Bullying, or I should say bullying prevention, is a topic near and dear to my heart. As you have probably surmised the library read through has landed us in a section about bullying.  While the books I checked out deal primarily with children, bullying isn’t a problem limited to children.

Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child was written by Michael Dorn.

Michael Dorn as Wharf

Just kidding. Not this Michael Dorn.

This is the author, Michael Dorn.  His book, Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child is a very informative, eye opening book which follows a student, Stephen, through the school years and explains how and why the bullying started.

Michael Dorn Author

Throughout the story, the author inserts his comments concerning what preventitive things could have happened, incidences that should have been reported to the police, how so called “responsible adults” made the problems worse, and how people in charge were more concerned with the image of their various schools than the actual safety of students.


I do not want to say too much about this book and give away the ending. However, if this is a topic that interests you or you currently have school aged children or grandchildren, I do recommend you read this book.

At the end of the book Michael Dorn gives several practical ideas of what can be done to prevent bullying from happening in the first place as well as exercises to help you identify bullying environments.

Other books I checked out were:

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Bullying Prevention and Intervention


Personal Addendum: Many of you have noticed that the Dewey Hop blog has been more or less off schedule since the end of January. I apologize for the interruption of posts but I was forced to deal with several medical emergencies with various family members. Both my mother ( Jan. 25) and my husband (Apr. 2) passed away after brief illnesses and there have been all kinds of follow up responsibilities. During the time the Mister was in the hospital, my sister had to have emergency surgery and still has ongoing medical issues and two other family members were also hospitalized at the same time (This involved 8 different hospitals, a rehab center, and a hospice. One family member is still in rehab at the time of this writing.)

Unfortunately, the day my mother went into hospice care a coworker was involved in a terrible car accident and died in February, a few weeks after my mother. Because of this, the entire library staff was out for that funeral as well.

I have now returned to work after three funerals and about a month bouncing back and forth to the hospital and hospice to be with family members.

I want to thank all of you Dewey Hop readers for your extreme patience and faithfulness to the Dewey Hop blog.  I appreciate you all. Moving forward I will continue my read through and commenting on the resources of the Fulton County Public Library.