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Moving through the library I’ve now read myself into the 641 section. Now I have a problem. You see this is the Food and Drink section and contains literally hundreds of cookbooks. Cookbooks are on on both sides of the aisle and go all the way down to the back wall.

Cookbook Aisle

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I LOVE cookbooks. I love cooking and I love eating healthy foods. My problem is I want to read all the cookbooks, and try all of the recipes. I could probably stop my read through right here and be content for the rest of eternity with the cookbooks. Unfortunately I can’t do that because Dewey Hop readers are interested in all kinds of topics and the library Director, Greta Grasshopper (She was promoted since we first met her in the blog post Reference and Information Window.),

Greta Grasshopper

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would eventually notice I wasn’t doing my job writing the Dewey Hop blog. Greta likes to keep things hopping around here so my retirement to the cookbook section is not an option. Therefore my dilemma is how to choose only a few books?

I wish that I could get all the Dewey Hop readers from all over the world together and assign each one a cookbook and a large budget (well I can dream). Each reader would be required to make one representative dish from their assigned book (more if they chose to) and then we would get together and have a huge potluck. All attendees would be given representative meals in freezable containers to take home and everyone’s freezers would fill up with multiple precooked meals.

Alas, my only course of action will have to be to show some of the current cookbooks I have checked out and just encourage all Dewey Hop readers to check out the cookbook section for themselves. The last two impressive cookbooks I checked out were:

Cookin Up Country Breakfasts

Best Lost Suppers

Image Credits: Thrift Books and Amazon

What you cook and eat is a highly personal choice. I recommend eating a healthy and balanced diet whether you are a carnivore or a herbivore or anything in between. Eat foods as close to the original source as possible and I am confident your health will benefit. If you choose to know more you can read all about it in the Food and Drink Section of the library. Food can treat and reverse a number of human maladies if used properly – but that’s a subject for another day. Until then, bon appetit!

Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have any favorite recipes to share? Do you try new foods and/or recipes?

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