Americana is a somewhat generic term used to describe all things uniquely associated with the United States. It includes culture, the arts, and history.

On my read through in the 380’s I encountered these two books:

Route 66  Americana

Both of these books are very enjoyable adult picture books. They document the history, culture, and arts of a bygone era along Route 66. Some of the route has been replaced by modern interstates, but much of the road still exists. There are still all sorts of trips that can be booked along this route if you prefer guided tours. Since Fulton County Public Library is located in Indiana, the starting point for our patrons would be Chicago, Illinois. This is the traditional starting point to begin begin the Route 66 journey. Following the route will take you through 8 different states ending at Santa Monica, California.  These books document various attractions along the way. The trip is meant to be a driving adventure and a throw back to days when baby boomers were still kids.

Route 66 was once a major road and is considered to be the most famous route / road not only in the United States but also in the world. Europeans and people from the far east often come to the United States on vacation to experience Route 66. Many people tired of the boringness of interstate travel have begun to reinvestigate Route 66 and have discovered a whole new meaning to the word Americana. The books above (as well as many others) document parts of the road in pictures and descriptions. The books feature restaurants, popular destinations, famous (and not so famous) kitsch, and old gas stations turned museums.

If you are not one to take to driving the open road, but still have an interest in Route 66 there are escorted trips and tours available beginning in California or Illinois. From just a brief perusal of the trips I googled, it appeared to me that the trips are on average about 16 days and range around $3,000.

Also available at  Fulton County Public Library is a DVD called “Route 66: the Ultimate Road Trip. Follow this link to discover content available on this DVD.

Route 66 Ultimate Road Trip

Have you ever traveled Route 66? Do you have memories along this famous highway you would like to share? Is this a road trip that you would like to take someday?