There is a trend sweeping our country to return to a simpler way of living. The bookshelves I’ve been browsing lately are a reflection of this. There are several books on simplicity which can mean actually living a simple life as well as moving away from materialism and  decluttering of household items (which is nearly a movement in itself). Additionally there are numerous websites and online support groups related to both simplicity and decluttering. It’s a good pairing.

Happening on this section at this time was a great time for me since I had recently hopped on the decluttering wagon and I’ve always been a pretty “simple” girl. I especially enjoy looking at before and after photos once someone has “simplified” or “decluttered” their environment. The photos are inspirational. It’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words. Equally true is the fact that living more simply allows us to concentrate on what is really importatnt.

Random Vrs Intentional Acts of Kindness


There are many books about random acts of kindness (RAK). This description has always bothered me somewhat. While I understand the intention, the actual phrase “random acts of kindness”  makes me want to point out that there is nothing random about being kind. If one tries to perform a random act then it is no longer random. It is intentional.

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Believe It or Not

Koko and Mr. Rodgers

I’ve been happily reading my way through the Dewey system from 000-100. This category was a rather fun section containing all sorts of things to do on the internet, tons of trivia, world records, and various freaky bits of information by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! In addition to all of this information, I digested several quotes from both famous and infamous people and read about the inventions of bubblegum and hula hoops.

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Shelf Browsing Leads To Memory Lane


In the Dewey Decimal system, nonfiction books are divided into 10 broad classifications. Class 000 is Computer Science, Information, and General Works. At the time of this writing the first book on the shelf in this category is called Eureka!: 81 Key Ideas Explained. This is where I started. In general, I started with this book and browsed the shelf until I had approximately 5 books chosen to check out. Some of the titles I found myself confronted with were:

1001 Ways To Make More Money as a Speaker, Consultant, or Trainer,

Uncle John’s Slightly Irregular Bathroom Reader, and

UFO’s, JFK, and Elvis Conspiracies You Don’t Have to Be Crazy to Believe. 

While all of these titles made me smile, it was the latter one that provoked a memory.

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