Young couple buying a new house

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Regardless of who you are, you need a place to live. Some of us live in apartments or rent houses. Some of us own our homes. Some of us are in transition moving from our current home to someplace else. If you are in transition you may need to buy or sell a home. Not all of us have the same idea about the perfect “dream home” and that’s ok. We are unique individuals and need to find the best living situation for us and our families. This week Dewey Hop is still in the 640’s, Home and Family Management. In particular this time we are discussing Housing and Household Equipment.

Where you live is a very personal decision which brings many factors into consideration. Can you afford to buy a new home, have one built, or buy a fixer upper and then finance the renovations? The area you aspire to live in can affect overall cost. If you’re like me, this can be an overwhelming process. Where do you even begin? Fortunately, I found a book you will find helpful if you are in the process of buying a home.

20 Questions

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This book will walk you through basic questions which should be considered before buying a home such as are you ready to buy a home? What kind of shape are your finances and credit in? Should you build a home rather than buy an existing one? Is your lifestyle right for home ownership? There are many more questions and explanations presented in this highly recommended book which of course I won’t have time to cover in just one post. I would recommend this book whether this is your first home buyer experience or you’ve bought several homes.

If, like my sister just did, you have bought a new home but must sell an old one there are books to help with this as well. A proven thing to practice to help your old home sell is to stage it. Staging helps potential buyers visualize how space inside the home can be used. Staging is usually done by employing minimalist strategies and using a few strategically positioned objects. A great book to help with this is:

Home Staging

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Of course how well you have maintained your older home will make a big difference to potential buyers. Have you kept up with household maintenance? Have you made improvements to the home? Whether you are buying or selling these are important questions to ask. 

Is the home you are interested in in good shape? Will it require repairs or renovations? Have you budgeted for these types of costs? Will you have all the renovations done before your move in date? Will you move into the house and live in it while the renovations are ongoing? 

If, like me, you have bought a fixer upper, can you do any of the renovating yourself or will you have to hire a contractor? There are many books to address this sort of project. Two recent ones I’ve found are:

Dream Home

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This Old House

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Many of these types of books are adult picture books. They are great to look at, but I am unable to show you the pictures in all of the books. Again this is a very personal process. You must choose the projects / renovations that are right for you and your family. Fortunately regardless of what projects you need to work on, there are many books and resources to help you through the process.

Have you recently bought a home? Are you in the market for a new home? If you are already a home owner please feel free to share any of your experiences in this process in the comments section.